Thursday, January 13

317. Designer

I'm kind of peeved that I'm so dependent on caffeine to wake up when I don't even have it all that often. I felt pretty useless at school today while they were dealing in a influx of new students. I can't believe that they started their first class this year with one child and the past 2.5 weeks, they'd received the names of about 6 incoming students. Whether they actually make it to start is an entirely different matter but that's almost besides the point.

I did have a little time to reflect on how I was going to put one of the best presents I've gotten to good use and have determined that I'm going to make time this weekend to seriously work on my card stash which is nearly depleted. Unacceptable if I am to call it my current obsession! Lol.

Maybe I'm wavering a little by further working on that mansion in Sims 3. My mind can be quite the ridiculous place to be.

I'll see you tomorrow! <3

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