Wednesday, January 5

309. Airbound

My post from a couple of days ago was the first I've actually wanted to retract and replace but decided against it. I'm having a few technical difficulties with posting today so I'm not sure when this will end up going up.

I'm pretty sure I'm as packed as I'm going to be for flying back to the desert tomorrow. But I did manage to see a few more people before leaving and that's always nice. :) I've decided to have a cyber crafting class not too long after I get back surrounded by my supplies. :P I still can't believe that I'm bringing back an additional piece of luggage chock full of clothes and movies and stuff that I could use but have no room for!

You have an idea of the mayhem I went through to get things in order or at least stored away before I left. Or at least how it made me feel and now I have more to add?! I just needed a few nice tops! XD Oh my. This is going to take some serious mulling over but I shall worry about that when I'm standing in front/ in the middle of it all.

My brother is so sweet, he's letting me borrow all sorts of movies and games for an extended indefinite period of time. :D He spoils me so nowadays. Lol. Definitely fought like cats and dogs while growing up.

Sigh, I'm probably procrastinating going to bed because I'm nervous about tomorrow coming and that means traveling. Not my favorite the process of flying but oh well, I'll get over it. See you tomorrow! <3

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