Friday, January 14

318. Fortress Of Stuff

After a fairly energetic but good day in class, I came home with my battle scars and boxed myself in with most of my card-making supplies to bunker down. A while later, I've been working on my estate in the Sims 3 again and I'm still surrounded  by my gear. Awesome. Tomorrow it is for crafting!

I did end up getting some boots that my mother and I ordered about five days early. I love them and have only tried on one so far! Lol.

I'm currently watching the cats face off over and over again- talking all sorts of big game to each other but I don't think either has done a darn thing about it yet. Ideally, this won't escalate and they actually get along. And then I can run out in the middle of the night and grab my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. XD Sigh.

I can feel myself getting cranky so I think I'll start to think about going to bed. :P See you tomorrow! <3

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