Monday, January 10

314. Pretty Darn Fulfilling

Okay, it's not that exciting or serious but I needed to spell PDF in my title. We're still keeping an eye on the news as we begin to get back to everyday life here in town.

On that note, I had a good helping of caffeine and felt more consistently productive today and I don't like that a good night's sleep and breakfast doesn't do the same. :( I need to improve a few more things because I really don't want to be dependent on a soda or coffee drink to help me start off my day.

I finally finished my card-making tutorial that I'm going to use to teach my friends how to make a basic card. It's mostly about reminders on what items to use, the measurements, and pictures on how to cut and fold papers. I have tons of more information and tips to give them about finding and using great products as well as ideas on how they can expand the techniques. I am too excited to do the webcam session with them. I really love PDF and how clean and accessible they are!

I also cooked dinner today too. The SO and I have a little vice of avidly watching and drooling through various cooking shows on PBS. Yesterday we saw one that had us wanting to run out to the store at the last moment to try but we settled on having it today. We did our own variation of Lidia Bastianich's Soup with Bread and Fontina pasticiatta. It's a cheesy bread in soup for a first course meal. We grated Parmesean and Fontina cheeses that we found at the store, had fresh baked French bread on hand, and the SO had the idea to toast the bread (since we didn't have it on hand the night before to let it dry) with extra virgin olive oil and hints of garlic powder.

That sucker soaked up the broth like mad! LOL. I know I filled my bowl up past the black line and by the time I sat down to start, this is what I had left. After toasting what was pretty much cheesy garlic bread, I sprinkled on extra cheese that I had saved over it. It is definitely going into our recipe book even if we'll continue to modify it. Mmm...

I mean the following on many levels: It was nice to see a hint of life getting back on track. I hope that this continues. See you tomorrow. <3

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