Sunday, January 2

306. Fresh Meat Market

Does someone want to throw me a lifeline? I'm being auctioned off and the starting bid isn't even the biggest issue with this picture. The networking has been kicked off into high gear and we have guys coming out of wood work everywhere. I know I'm mixing up all sorts of phrases and sayings but I'm becoming mildly frantic, lol.

We have various family friends from church who are approaching my folks about setting up meetings between me and their sons/ nephews/ grandsons/ grandnephews. Oh good gravy, save me! I did not mean for that to rhyme, lol. Not that meeting people is necessarily, I'm sure some of these prospects are great guys, maybe some that I could hang with, but omg.

I called the SO to come over and save me. XD He said to just try to come back in three days as unengaged as possible. Rofl. Idk, at this rate I might have like three rings before I head back out to the desert. Maybe I could pawn them off to get enough airfare to move further away. I supposed that's jumping the gun just a tad. Ha ha!

I guess it wouldn't be so bad if my mom wasn't telling these people to send pictures of the eligible bachelors along with some stats and short biography. And their emails so that I could test out their social skills. I really wish she was not the ounce serious but I'm pretty sure she is because it's happened before. I am so perfectly fine with finding my own romantic interests, kthx. I know she's holding out on me moving back here and settling down with a nice Asian boy, but that's like wishing that I was not nearly as American as I am. Little late to be holding out hope for the future of our family line. Sorry. >_<

As modern and progressive as my family can be sometimes, it's things like this that throw me for a loop. At least I've always been able to take it all with a grain of salt and as I grow older I keep finding more and more humor in the situation while trying hard to keep as open minded as possible. If anything just to humor my folks.

THIS IS WHAT THEY GET FOR JOKING ABOUT THIS MATTER! Two dinners in a row with a "prospective future in-law" family that keep asking about when the sparks are going to fly and wedding bells will ring. What!?


Lol, I think most of my panicking is out of my system now and I can go try to be a decent hostess and get to know people this evening. Meeehhh... *cue more nervous laughter* This is so awkward. See you tomorrow! <3

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