Monday, January 24

328. Parenting

I am almost done with this cold-thing. I am almost done with this cold-thing. I am almost done with this cold-sinus-ailment-thing. I've been told that I sound horrible even though I feel worlds better today. I'll just keep thinking that my abs are getting a workout from all of the powerful coughing and sneezing I've done today. Maybe that's the silver lining...

I woke up today and went to go check on the kitty who was exiled into the bathroom for the first time in... well, I actually can't remember the last time he was exiled. He wet the bed last night pretty badly which was weird because he had been acting odd and ended up going on the very spot he had been sleeping on all day. Upon stumbling into the bathroom, I see that he's tried to go/ went everywhere. And not only that, but that there was blood. Needless to say, within the hour, we had set up appointment to see a vet asap. Somewhat long story short, he has Feline lower urinary tract disease. A UTI for kitties, if you will. His first one and we were very pleased with the advice, service, and attention we got at this new place.

Now, our little man needs to have fluids pumped into him, oral antibiotics, and prescription wet food every day for at least the next two weeks. We don't think he slept at all the way he was acting today and how traumatic last night must have been. Luckily, he was his usual sweet and well-behaved self with the nurses and doctor and took all of the poking, prodding, and treatments surprisingly well. Tomorrow, the SO aka Daddy is going to administer the fluids solo via a drip needle and we'll be continuously cleaning all of the semi-accidents around the house while we fret. Eh, I'll probably do most of the cleaning so they can be together as much as possible. It's the first time in a while that kitty is really like a baby and I think it's really hitting home/ a nerve. I feel really bad that he has to spend nights shut in the bathroom but we can't trust him around any fabric whatsoever. No carpets, backpacks, towels, rugs, chairs, clothing, and in truly desperate times- the mail.

I have faith that he'll make it through this soon, he is already showing promising progress after just one day of treatment and I'm so grateful that we know him so well and were able to identify every symptom, present that information to professionals, get confirmation on the diagnosis, and start treating the problem right then and there. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that this is not the start to a lifetime of chronic infections, which is definitely a possibility. :(

He'll be five in March.
What a trooper.

I'll see you tomorrow when I will probably post more picture of him. <3

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