Thursday, January 20

324. Techno Cha-Cha Mix

While cleaning my disaster area of a room today, well it's more cleaning phase one, I was suddenly hit with a bout of homesickness. So, I dug out a special dvd that my mom sent back with me and popped it into my laptop to watch/ listen to the variety show special that dealt with the lunar new year. It's a big thing in our culture and is often very festive and bright and amusing.

And my computer wouldn't play it. What is this crap about having to purchase the ability to play dvds through Windows Media Player? I remember when that came standard! So off started the hunt for a free use download-able dvd media player. Not a video editor just a friggin' program that lets me watch stuff that come on shiny disc so I would stop missing my childhood home. Bah! Lol. It was a very anti-climatic feeling as I hunted down, downloaded, installed, attempted to use, hunted down supplemental patches and programs, installed those, and then tried to play again. Finally, it worked and I got to watch my flip-flappin' concert while I folded laundry.

It still made me smile and amused me to hear all the familiar songs, even if I don't understand 97% of what is being said, even though their idea of being modern involves heavy techno beats or cha cha moves, even though I spend half of the time trying to figure out who's had what work done to their bodies or critique what their wearing. It's sounds like I felt that this performance was horrible but it was pretty temporarily comforting because those have also been a tradition since I was a small child. Some of it's embarrassing, some of it makes no sense when you try to describe it, but some of it is really beautiful and touching. I'm not quite sure why it speaks to me so even when I don't know what their saying. I guess that's just another mysterious way that life works. :)

I hope that you take the time to reflect or better yet enjoy something you used to always do as a kid and I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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