Friday, January 7

311. Diving In

I took time out to get back into our game tonight after a hiatus of about three weeks while I was packing and visiting with my folks. It was nice to stop and get back in touch with something that was purely for me- even if it involved a bit of brain work.

I must be on a guide-writing kick because not only am I going to create a reference guide for myself about the basics of the game's nuances, I'm also working on two crafting tutorials: one for basic card-making and another for understanding how to make a quick mini-album out of A10 envelopes. I'm pretty excited and it makes me think more and more about doing this on the side. More specifically about becoming a Stampin' Up demonstrator. However, I only may have enough money now after the holidays to sign up, there's no way that I can fulfill my quota as a hobby demonstrator. I still don't know nearly enough people to supply either. Le sigh.

I'm kind of in a muddled haze after turning off my brain for the past month to go through all of the motions of the holidays. I have no idea what damage I've wrought by doing so but it's not the end of the world. It's better to have my sanity and deal with the consequences than to kill myself over something that won't mean as much in a few years. That's something I've learned and started to do in my last few years of undergrad studies. One of these days, I'll perfect the technique and prioritize properly. At least, I hope so.

And I can't wait to do a project with my brand spankin' new Cricut Expression! I'm still in shock. Lol. See you tomorrow.

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