Monday, January 31

335. Cross-Eyed

After a lot of hard work leading up to staring at a bunch of pixels while going cross-eyed, I've finally finished and made public my secret project. It's another blog that focuses on my now official affiliation with Stampin' Up! I was given the wonderful opportunity to become an independent demonstrator and I jumped at the chance. I've spent the last few weeks working on the websites, reading up on the manuals, investigating all of the techniques, oogling ideas from other demonstrators, and going crazy trying to understand all of the legal jargon. Oh, and creating projects to show off, of course. Blast and a half. I mean that in both a positive and slightly negative way. XD

I'll be keeping my blogs separate entities because they focus on separate ideas. Granted, some pictures and such shall overlap because it is a significant part of my life now, but we'll just have to take those situations one step at a time. Now that I've made sure that everything is set to go live, I think I can finally go rest and maybe cough up a portion of my lung. The last lingering gift my latest cold or whatever it was has left me. :)

See you tomorrow! <3

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