Saturday, January 1

305. Happy New Year!

*Hums Auld Lang Syne*

:D I hope you all had fun and stayed safe while ringing in the new year last night! I am again way too tired to function at a higher level of intelligence today. If I had started to write this post about three hours ago, we would have been golden. Now, I've crashed from the caffeine I've been pumping into myself and will have to save video clips/ pictures from our party for another day.

My folks did a ton of the cleaning up and that blows my mind because they were probably wiped. I know my brother and I crashed and crashed hard after everyone had left the house. I'm glad it is done and over with. I did have some fun, the boys shot some fireworks off and the family friends seemed to have a blast. I'm glad a few of my friends were able to stop by and stuff their faces. :D We had plenty of food to go around, for sure. Still tons left! Quail, cuttlefish, clams, beef, stews and soups, fried rice, roast duck, various vegetable dishes that I paid no mind to, and a couple of desserts like cake, cookies, puddings, and fruit. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that each family brought us a bottle of wine which is even more hilarious because we don't really do wine at the house. Lol. Just bottle after bottle and they have like an entire cupboard full of unused bottles.

Then, I loaded up on the caffeine again and graded geometry papers with a dear friend. I just have to say that some high schoolers/ kids are just crazy sometimes (and in different ways). Bless their hearts. XD It kind of wiped us out trying to wrap our brains around the chaos, lol.

Then we and my brother headed to a family friend's house with my folks to say hi before we hightailed it out of there to my friends house to try to get some work done/ hide. There's a long and amusing story behind that I probably should not get into but it goes way back and is pretty unexpected. I was glad to not stick around. In the end, I actually attempted some Guitar Hero, something I have managed to avoid all these years that it blew up on the scene, lol. Just as expected, I bombed miserably. XD But, I tried and maybe one of these days I'll practice enough to finish a song on normal lol.

Anywho, I hope you've had a wonderful start to yet another year, hopefully better than the last! See you tomorrow and thank you for sticking around. <3

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