Sunday, January 9

313. Storm Brewing

We're still tuning into the news and learning more and more about those that were lost and those that were there when the shooting happened. It just keeps getting sadder and sadder as well as more upsetting. We also watched the national news to see the overall perspective that was being put out there about the events that just happened and the events that have been happening in our area and state. It's getting rougher.

I'd rather not talk about my views about all of the issues that have been hot lately other than this tragic situation. 

I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with me before I learned about these events. I've just been existing in a haze of inaction. It's surprised me the minimal about of effort I've put forth for myself and the environment around me. It is really worrisome and I hope it's not a sign of a bigger battle or storm to deal with in my life, I'm still fighting my way out of the one I'm in right now.

May we all not take a moment of life and our loved ones for granted. See you tomorrow. <3

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