Thursday, January 27

331. Simple & Sweet

I may have started an awful trend in the household this week. FMIL and the SO are both sick now. Therefore, we hung out all sniffle-ly, snotty, and pitiful together today being as comfy as possible.

Then, add kitty to the mix and he is just sleeping through nearly everything. I hope his appetite picks up again soon. We're giving him his fluids but he is not a fan of either his new food nor the prescription wet food. His symptoms are improving immensely and I am so happy with the professional and efficient care we received from this new clinic. Tonight, we're going to risk having him sleep in the room and deal with any accidents. It was heartbreaking to hear him scratching at the bathroom door late into the night wanting to get out and be in his regular bed. Aw, I'm still coughing as I finish up with this cold thing and he's chirping at me in his sleep. He's also taken to one of my fluffy pink robes for his bed probably because it's just as soft and fluffy as he is. :D

I finally manned up and made a cute little project for my secret project. I have been doing everything except that and I think it's because I'm nervous using the limited exclusive materials I have on hand when I need to create good-looking products. Oye. I'll get over it.

I had this sudden urge to cry earlier this evening but managed to stop myself and think, "You have nothing to cry about and if you do cry, it better be for others." Kind of random thought, but it's true. I have so much going for me and such a blessed life. Sure, not rainbows and fairy tales but a darn good start. There is so much more to care about than pitying myself.

Besides, I'm implementing my plan of "Just Do". Remember? :)

I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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