Tuesday, January 4

308. Cornered

I'm feeling better today but not everything went according to plan. Okay, I know life doesn't really ever go according to plan besides death and taxes (lol), but it barely worked itself out today. Alright, I'd like to interrupt myself to quote a commercial I just heard:

"Bill's mornings have never been gooder." - Gain with Fresh Lock.

Excuse me? The majority of the times that I've made those kinds of crimes against the English language have been on purpose. However, with how often I'm seeing these tongue in cheek psuedo-words and intentional mistakes... I really worry how many people take them seriously. I suppose it doesn't help that I was perusing poor paid-for tattoos just before I settled in to write today's blog post. That stuff is permanent people! Does it really kill you to spell check with a dictionary? *shudder*

I'm being distracted by the TV. I teared up during TLC's "What Not to Wear" and now there's "Extreme Couponing" and as much as I'm in respectful awe but in mild horror as well! Nearly needless to say that it is fascinating to see $1200 worth of groceries of ordinary product from regular grocery stores drop to little more than $50. That is insane.

Um, where was I? Lol.

We did make it to the beloved card & comic book store today, but one of our favorite people to see wasn't in. :( Then my brother and I were kind of cornered by another... customer because we were going through our collections at a table in store. I won't go into too many details, but I felt extremely uncomfortable and a little scared for us. I ended up leaving pretty upset at my brother for perpetuating the situation but was so grateful that we trust the store owner that was there and that we had invited two of my wonderful friends along. I am fairly cretain that

Oh man. A $5743 haul and only paying $241?! At least this guy is donating his 1100 boxes of free Total cereal to his local food bank.

Sorry, distracted again. XD Well, what's done is done and tomorrow is dedicated to shopping with my mom since I can't be trusted to do it well for myself. :D I think that about sums that up. I think I need to get to bed early and load up on caffeine tomorrow. I'll see you then. <3

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