Friday, January 28

332. Fabricating

I needed to look up another word to describe the preparation work we did today.

Kitty did better emotionally and physically with taking his treatments but this by no means means that he was happy with any of it. Also, he has officially begun to blame me for all of these shenanigans. Awesome. I know he adores his dad, so I guess I'll always be the bad cop in his eyes. I still feel really bad for leaving him when we're out for several hours, even when we have family checking on him. He was really freaked when his dad left today and would not go two steps without making sure that the SO was right behind him. Poor thing. I'm glad he's still recovering well.

The last prep work for the garage sale tomorrow is done. Or as done as it is going to get before the big day. Lol. Clothes from around the world, linens from different decades, and knick knacks from everywhere else. It had been and will be a piece of work. Deep breathes. XD

I did manage to work a little more on my personal project. I'm not sure how I would rate the results, but tomorrow's another day to tear it up. :P  I'll see you then. <3

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