Wednesday, January 26

330. That Sense

Kitty's ailment is responding well to the treatments. However, kitty himself is not happy at all with undergoing them. Today was tougher for us all but we managed and ran a few more errands. Somehow the simplest tasks became so convoluted but we got some stuff done and I'll deal with that fact.

I'm still not in the best of mindsets but at least I keep on moving on in the process of letting it incubate and develop from vague feelings into something substantial that I can work on and/or with. One thing I am realizing is that I don't have much patience let these days for the nonsense of dealing with others' nonsense. More and more I am detaching myself emotionally from specific aspects of my life. The only problem with that is once I get to this point... let's just say I'm an all or nothing kind of gal. I have all the faith in you for the longest time or I don't give the smallest crap about you and your issues. And me not caring about you is a dangerous territory to be in.

Tomorrow is just another day towards the rest of our lives. Deep breath: in... and out... I'll see you then. <3

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