Saturday, January 8

312. A Tragedy

I was woke up a bit early today because kitty had way too much energy to burn and no one around to play with. Not long after I was up with him and watching the Garfield Movie: A Tale of Two Kitties, the ending was interrupted by breaking news.

A local congresswoman was shot during a meet and greet she was hosting at a grocery store in town this morning. A total of 18-19 people were shot, 6 have died as a result, and one of those was a little 9 year old girl. The shooter is in custody and we have all been glued to watching the news all day long. Learning more and more details with each hour while watching certain media venues report misinformation just to be able to write about something first. The congresswoman has survived the bullet being shot at point blank range from a semi-automatic pistol in the head- it went straight through- and the subsequent surgery. It has been heart-breaking to hear the stories of those that were direct and now deceased victims of this horrible event today. An older man who flung himself over his wife who was also shot, an aide that was engaged to be married, and the federal judge who just got out of church and decided to stop by and say hello to a friend.

Granted, it was pretty much on the other side of town, but it does hit home. Our thoughts, prayers, hope, and condolences go out to all of those affected by this tragic atrocity. We hope to learn much more during tomorrow news broadcasts and press conferences. I'll see you then. <3

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