Wednesday, January 19

323. I'm There?

I got the crucial emails I've been waiting for to work more on my secret project. Actually, now that I think about it, "they" got my information in the mail at 10:30 this morning and by a few minutes after 4 this afternoon, those emails were in my inbox. Whoa. I think this is as far as I've been able to take this project until I get my snail mail and for that I am way too excited about! However, I think this is as far as I can do now except study the materials I have been granted access to as of this afternoon.

I'm feeling especially gluttonous today. Maybe I'm recharging my batteries after the past few days. Pasta, bread sticks, grilled cheese sandwich, and then tacos. I'm pretty sure that means I started eating lunch until it ended up being dinner. Wow.

I did get some cards made today. Okay, two. But! The last three in the set are being made assembly line style so... um. I'll get them done soon. My secret project has just taken over my brain pretty much.

Something else happened today and for some reason, I feel compelled to write about it in this moment. The SO was moving his motorcycle to a different spot in the garage so we could get access to the ac/heater unit thing earlier and since we were there, he decided to fire it up and let it run because it's been a while. Riding weather and season is fast approaching and we both know he's longing for a chance to take off again. It is very awe-inspiring and heart-warming to see people doing what they love. Parents playing with their children, an artist painting or singing, or a physical therapist see a client walking on their own again... I suppose that this is even stronger when you care for said person. The look in his eyes and the weight of his movements while he was examining that bike made my heart ache with his.

I'm not the type to get in the way of someone and their passion/ love. Unless it's hurting them or others, I don't see why I should. It also doesn't hurt that I love to learn about everything so people can often talk my ear off and I'll be highly amused the entire time. It takes quite a bit for me to become a substantial amount of jealous, so that doesn't hurt either. :P For a long time, I didn't even think I could get jealous until truly I recognized the feeling. Lol. Yeah, once the SO gets a chance to, I'm not going to be surprised or hurt if he takes off for hours at a time or if he wants to take a trip for a few days on his bike. All the power to him and more because he puts up with nearly all of my plethora of obsessions. That's a big sign that you have a keeper- when you don't really sweat the small stuff. Now, if he ever gets hurt- there will be heck to pay. That's the kind of important stuff you save up to care about. XD Before I go, I might as well show you what I'm talking about:

We (mostly I) like to call her "The Other Woman" 
when in reality, I'm the other woman! *gasp*

LOL. Alrighty, I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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