Friday, January 21

325. Seeing Is Believing

Where to start?

Maybe by saying that venting in my blog makes me pretty happy sometimes. There's only so much you can fit into a status message where it may garner more immediate attention.

I woke up with my face feeling yucky. I think I'm coming down with sinus thing. Ugh. The rest of me feels fine but my nose feels stuffed up and runny all at the same time but nothing is coming out, my face is particularly warm, and my throat (or rather the glands inside of it) feel somewhat swollen. TMI, I realize, my vague apologies. Lol. Right now I'm kind of squinting to see the screen because I guess my face is focusing it's designated amount of energies elsewhere. If I could glare at my face without having to get up and get a mirror or a webcam, I would.

Earlier, FMIL, the SO, and I were trying to figure out dinner plans. An hour and a half later of debating, just FMIL and I went to a Chinese buffet a little ways into town that we haven't been to since my birthday in August. As I was stuffing my face, I realized how quickly my head cold/ sinus thing was hitting me when I couldn't taste the fried chicken that I knew was yummy. :( I could kind of taste when we sat down. It made me a very sad panda but I trucked through anyways and left very full.

On the way home we could see the almost full moon rising in the sky and at first we honestly thought for a moment that it was fake. The past couple of days it has been very bright, almost to the point where we thought someone had left the porch light on and realized it was purely moonlight. I could see the SO's shadow in the moonlight. Intense stuff. Tonight it was huge and yellow and we texted the SO to ask if he saw it too. We always let each other know about that sort of thing. :) Well, not only did he say no but said that we were seeing things. Orly??? So, we took pictures with my phone and I took pictures and some video with my camera, sent him some, and then he called back saying that he got the pictures but that he was only then seeing the light shining from behind the mountains. I forget about the varying elevation thing and relation between perspectives involving the mountains. We hang up so he can take video of hiis view of the sky and actually caught the moon rising above the mountains. It took less than a minute to come fully into view and as often as we see that, it still amazes us all. Anyways, the moon was really amazing looking and it was funny arguing with each other the car ride home. XP.

Something that I still did not get to see today was my email through Microsoft Outlook. For some dumb reason, I'm still running Office 2002 and back then, you had to pay to use Hotmail to receive the service of checking it in Outlook. I missed it by one. friggin. year. Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010 can do it without a stinkin' problem. Heck, my version of Windows is no longer being supported by Microsoft anymore. It hasn't been for about two years now. Grr grr grr, rabble rabble rabble. I wish I had the means to get a new computer. That would mean that I had the means to improve many aspects of my current state of life. I'm working on it.

I probably should have switched the bad, the good, and the ugly to the bad, the ugly, and the good so I wouldn't be semi-agitated again right now. C'est la vie and que sera sera.

I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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