Friday, April 20


I really think I super funny sometimes. Like when I thought of the title for today's post. See above. :P

May just be reaching that point of exhausted delirium for tonight. I am so grateful that it's Friday! Woohoo! It was another long day of running around, trying to help as many people as I could doing as much as I could. Not sure why I do that. It's really tiring, lol. The usual work, creating more visual communication cards, and trying to figure out my schedule next week working in 1-3 classrooms a day. I don't know how they do it. I can handle throwing all of my focus into a single classroom but to split it into four rooms daily? I would leave such a trail of disaster in my wake. Oh, and I began volunteering to set up the volunteer appreciation breakfast. FMIL kicked me out to go volunteer in her classroom because she that it was ironic in a ridiculous sort of way. I can't help it if we're super helpful people like that! Or if we're always some of the last people to leave... We just keep finding stuff to do.

It's only just past 9pm and my eyes are bloodshot red from being tired and the crazy dry weather. It's steadily creeping towards that 99-100 mark and I do not appreciate that! :P We checked out one of the garden plots that one of the classrooms just planted in not too long ago. They have a whole bunch of radishes sprouting and some squash. The carrots, zucchini, and marigolds also have made their initial appearances. The kids were watering the area with tiny squirt guns while we attacked the plot with a leaky hose. Obviously, I got soaked and muddied up from the knees down. That was first thing in the morning too. Lol. Of course! Not a dull moment when one of your unofficial job titles is School Garden Fairy.

I had one thing keeping me going strong(-ish) today. The fact that after the rough day yesterday, I asked FMIL to stop by Best Buy as we ran errands on our way home after school. Then... I splurged on this: The Bamboo Create. Yep, one of the tablets that I linked here the other day. Been wanting one for so long and no one was stopping me... and yeah. I am in love! I have yet to truly explore it with how exhausted I've been physically and mentally but hopefully I will get a chance to this weekend! I'm practicing using it during web browsing, tried it out writing with it by opening up the typical paint program, and... actually that's all that I've managed to do. I haven't tried to seriously game with it yet and I just barely managed to install all of the neat programs it came with last night. Oh! Another thing I've done with my new graphics tablet? Well, for some reason, it reminded me that I now use the SO's old headset and that meant I was compelled to try some free online karaoke again! Because... I'm a weirdo like that. XP

That's probably all from me today, I want to get back to my delirious shenanigans.

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