Friday, April 13

Experimentation Fail

All I could think about today (Happy Friday the 13th, btw) was the impending monthly ladies' night happy hour.

It was a traditional/ event started by my... "adopted sister-in-law". Lol. FMIL is her local "mom" so I guess that makes us related in spirit somehow. :P Once I started tagging along a few months back, I was hooked! It's great meeting a few new interesting ladies and trying out new places around town while- hm, I have a feeling I've already gone on about this before.

I am paying for my loading up on soda and sampling five different dishes though. Not bad for 10 bucks! There were a dozen or so of us that made it this month and I'm already ruing the fact that I won't be able to make it to the next one. That's okay, maybe I'll be throwing my own happy hour party in Florida! Trying to stay psyched up for the trip.

Did try something new tonight for the occassion. A few weeks ago, I wrote about hairspray that I'd gotten in hopes of trying to curl my hair with my flat iron. Lol, I just looked at the date, it was a month ago. Go, me! :P Anyways, I tried it tonight and it was terrible! Or rather, I was terrible at it. I kept running back and forth between the bathroom and video tutorials on my laptop. I had to put a t-shirt around the back of my neck so my hot hair wouldn't burn me, I couldn't consistently grab ideally located or sized chunks of my hair to curl, and for some reason, I could not remember which way to twirl my hair or the iron for than three times in a row. Ended up with certain pieces that were flatter than ever, a very select few that were super curly, some that were pin straight in the middle and very... wonky at the ends, and some that looked kinked at the top but were very straight at the ends.

Basically, a rat's nest.

No, I did not take any pictures of it, but I'm determined to get better at this! I ended up doing a messy faux-half-up-half-down. Straightened out the super curly pieces, running my fingers through to break up other curls/ waves/ whatever they were's, hairspraying to keep the the texture, and pinning some pieces back. So, for the rest of the night, I pretended that I meant to do all of that. I did end up liking my outfit though... of which I forgot to change into between finishing my makeup and doing my hair. Trying not to mess up a hairdo/style- even if it's a messy one- is really tough! Being a girl kind of sucks sometimes. It's a lot of hard work. XD

I'm in for a solid weekend of homeworking so a part of me is dreading to go to sleep because that means when I wake up- the fun begins. Sigh... :P

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