Wednesday, April 25

Spring Fever

It has really hit and sunk in that spring is here.

I was checking things off and adding items into my planner and I realized that there are about twenty school days left. Students are being added to FMIL's classroom left and right nowadays and they want them to start the next day or asap. It's insanity. Patience is thin from all parties and I have a three week trip to think about!

Haven't even had a chance to plan what I'm going to bring. I still don't know when bulk trash pick up will be, haven't been able to sift through our boxes in the garage, and still need to go through all of my old clothes and find a good place to donate them to/ that will take them. May is practically here and that's crazy!

Still haven't caught up with digi-scrapping anything. I started off reorganizing and prioritizing my life so well at the beginning of the year and we're practically a third of the way through already! Whoa! I need to get better at this life thing and fast. Time waits for no one! I still have presents to figure out too. Oh dear.

Um, I guess I can report that the front display about our Flat Stanleys is nearly complete. I left space for more projects, just in case the kids bring them back in time for open house. I also have two coworkers who are bringing in fun pieces of luggage for me to use as decoration. Got a lot done in the past few days (somehow) but that workroom is sweltering hot! It's weird how during different parts of the day, some classrooms are freezing while the hallways are toasty warm, and then some rooms are turned into sweat lodges while the hallways are pleasant. At least today wasn't as bad as earlier in the week. It had cooled down considerably with lots of cloud cover. There's a small chance for it to rain tomorrow and then we're back up to the heat again. Not fair at all! Where is our spring weather in all of this madness?

I'd keep fretting but I'm also about to fall asleep where I sit- something I had already done a week or so ago. Good night!

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