Tuesday, April 3


Today was not my fault. That's just the disclaimer that I have to put out there now, lol.

When I hear about something that I might want, I embark of this fast and furious quest to learn a whole bunch about the product in as little time as possible. I may obsess for weeks, months, or years. Okay, maybe not so much years now that I've had a taste of what it's like to have my own money, lol.

However, the SO works a bit differently.

He's not big on frivolous spending and is significantly more straight-forward with his logic. I've come to learn that once he's finally made up his mind about something, there's not much anyone else can do to stop him. Obviously, this can be a gift and a curse, lol. It's pretty amusing to see people in his life that think they can change that about him/ his mind or "beat the system". Actually, it's laughable. I just stand back and watch.

I don't have an issue with the shenanigans that may ensue because I know I can go nuts over some product too and he almost always humors me. That coupled with the fact that he hardly ever pursues anything. Well, just not at the rate that I latch onto an idea. I'm often happy when something piques his interest so I'll almost always agree with anytime he suggests a restaurant or store to go to. That and the fact that I know if it's important enough for the both of us, we can actually sit/ pause and discuss it like sensible adults.

Anyways, we ran a few errands around town today and got two expansion packs for a game that we've become interested in again: The Sims 3. He was even looking for more packages to add but the store didn't have them readily available. I really enjoy customizing avatars and have way too much fun building a home. I think it's because I would love to have my own and I'm living vicariously as people tend to do with a game like this. We're very excited about having more options to choose from and it's one of those games that you don't necessarily get bored with. More often, you have to tear yourself away because it's easy to lose track of time in it.

Long day of cleaning and starting preparation for Easter brunch and dinner this weekend but the good news is that it's a short week for the students! I kind of can't wait to get to work this week!

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