Saturday, April 7


It really is the season of rebirth and I haven't personally witnessed it until this year with the garden. I did warn you that this post was coming this weekend, right?

Cilantro, Dill, and Parsley have been trimmed back severely because I could not stay on top of their attempts (and successes) to flower. The lettuce has been thinned out to three plants and they love getting a good soak. The jalapenos are beginning to flower (well, their buds have white) as well but I would really like for them to work on lower leaf growth. The Serranos and Poblanos have each suffered the trauma of being eaten by some mysterious critter(s) but are recovering well with new leaf growth.
 The area was rearranged again after we sprayed to keep out the bugs this spring season.
Look at all that green!
Note to self: Photographing the garden mid-morning makes for terrible shadows and a sunburnt foot.
 Everyone has officially recovered from the winter!
Tiny buds everywhere.
 After many attempts to start Oregano again, I bought an organic plant from the grocery store.
It's recovering well.
  The beans are in the middle of shielding itself from the intense sunlight but look at how big their leaves have gotten!
 These peas are growing like crazy! The SO and I find them very pretty and interesting. It feels as if it grows a good inch every 24 hours and this is many two plants with very different personalities. One's very straight-forward and tall and the other one is growing in every direction sideways- almost like a bush.
Last, but not least, are my strawberries! Look at how many buds/ flowers/ fruits there are!

I'm really loving how my garden is green again! I've missed the little jungle it became last year, so hopefully starting everything earlier will pay off this time around.

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