Monday, April 9

Sugar High: The Aftermath

Coming soon to computer monitors near you.


I thought I learned my lesson last Easter- about ingesting massive amounts of sugar in one continuous sitting? Apparently, I didn't learn it well enough. Although I was much better this year, the timing was all off for my body and I am paying for it dearly today. It's some odd mixture of a hangover/ being tipsy. I don't know what to tell you besides the fact that it's been really weird today, lol. Hm... what else is happening in the aftermath?

FMIL also had today off from work and she has become absorbed with her new trilogy: The Hunger Games. We've started to have some leftovers in the form of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches today. This is going to be a whole lot of fun- finishing that ham off.

That lily that I posted a picture of yesterday? Well, forgot to mention that it absolutely stinks. This makes it difficult to work from my laptop sitting right in front of it. So pretty and in full bloom but smells to high heaven. The days are getting very warm and the swamp cooler wars have begun. It works a little too well right now and after five minutes of having it on, the air is freezing. However, about ten to fifteen minutes of having it off, the rooms get stuffy even with the windows and doors open. This is going to be a super fun summer! >_>

The garden seems to be doing well, the bugs have slowed down with their egg-laying. Thank goodness. I did catch a pair of bunnies reaching up to nibble on my lettuce. That's "one" garden bully confirmed. I caught some cherry tomatoes sprouts in a Big Boy tomato pot. They're leftovers from last year's crop that I had put back into that soil. Funny how they took so long to appear. The same sentiment goes for some of the Serrano and Poblano peppers. After six weeks, some extra seedlings are making an appearance and it's very confusing.

Today has been a big ole cuddle-fest between kitty and I. Not sure what has gotten into him. It's probably a combination of wanting new pet grass (even though his will still be fine for at least another week), always wanting to be let outside, and being happy that life and habitual schedules are heading back to normal today. Me too, kitty cat, me too.

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