Sunday, April 22

Earth Day

Not only was it Earth Day today but the planet decided to be a bit cranky and have us reach a record high! It got up to 101 degrees in town today and I am super grateful that we had the swamp cooler up and running when we could. That and the upright fans we invested in last year. They are saving our butts now. It is really early for this type of tomfoolery.

To go along with the theme, I have a little update from the garden, of course. The fence and gate seem to be working out well in terms of keeping bunnies out. I have to admit that I usually climb over the gate instead of opening it like I showed in the second vlog. That still doesn't keep the various bugs and birds out of the area though! The sudden heat has been rough on these pretty young plants and I hope they hang in there. It's just practice for the impending scorching summer.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with any of these companies and I'm not being compensated for my opinion. I just like trying out new stuff. :D

Earlier this week, the SO and I went a little crazy in the seasonal garden section in Target.

 We snagged a non-kinking 75 ft long hose for 25 bucks! 
The one at the house is old, has been patched up, still leaks, and had its nozzle end cut off years ago. While we didn't throw the original hose away, the SO bought a Y-connector with on and off dials. Works beautifully!

I also decided to try out the Miracle-Gro plant food sprayer that I see in nearly all of the stores. I have to say, that I am not impressed with how it attaches to the hose. The threading is the green plastic and it was being ripped to shreds by the metal hose end even though I was being mindful and gentle. It has three spray-shape settings, a trigger locking mechanism, and a way to spray food-less water. I have liked the plant food itself so far with the box I got last year.

I went as far as to get a nice elongated multi- shapes and pressure sprayer. It was only 6 dollars and I like being able to reach the back pots while sitting down on my rock border. The pressure control is amazing. We can water a Palo Verde tree that's outside of our fence while standing on the porch. FMIL and I each have our own favorite settings for watering different things but we've had a lot of fun with it so far. The whole set up is a bit heavier than we're used to, but we could use the work out. :P Plus, this means that we're saving so much water due to the lack of leakage.

We have flowers in the garden now! Well, besides the strawberry plant and the silly herbs that have been bolting.

 This is one of many from the first jalapeƱo plant.
Its sacrificing many leaves that have made it bushy to have enough energy for all of these flowers.
 The pea plant is beginning to flower! I was not expecting this at all but probably should have if I checked the growth calender. They are so darling! I will freak when I begin to see pea pods.
The Hogwarts of Birds' Eye Chillies have been budding pretty early and Gryffindor is the first to have a bloom. I'm really worried that they are not ready to start producing fruit already but there's only so much I can do when plants are this determined! 

Everyone seems to be growing a bit taller and greener, except for the herbs. They are slow to make any progress and I think they are reaching the end of their life cycle. I really have no idea and have a hard time understanding the research that I've done so far. I don't think that they are done once they've flowered but they are sure unhappy anyways. I hope you all were able to give back to the Earth today and be a little greener. It couldn't hurt to try. :P

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