Friday, April 6

Petite Treat

As promised, here's a look at the holiday-themed craft I snuck in:
How sweet is that? I wish I had thought to add a quarter or something for size reference, but this little one is about three inches tall. I eventually made her a little pink scarf from some spare baby soft yarn we had. I might stock on on critters of this size, they travel and store nicely. My favorite part are her ears. I sewed pieces of tan felt underneath. 

I started tackling the crazy table today as the SO prepped the swamp cooler for the warmer weather. We've done most of the grocery shopping for the holiday meals and tomorrow will probably be full of hardcore cleaning. We're aiming for both a brunch and a dinner that people will be coming in and out during.

I hope that my Jewish friends were able to celebrate Passover with their loved ones tonight.

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