Monday, April 16

"Hey! Whatcha Doin'?"

Lack of sleep has definitely taken it's toll on me today. I have a vlog uploading now but don't think that my stamina will be able to stay up when it finishes. While it's a lot shorter and another one-take, it's still taking quite a few hours to upload. I can't imagine what would happen if I had poured hours into editing it into something nice, rendered it, and then uploaded it. I admire regular vloggers and big YouTubers!

Went into school to volunteer and work on a hodge-podge of projects and was roped into substituting. Not only is there state standardized testing going on with most of the grades during the first half of the day, we have a book fair going on in the library, and community voting in the cafeteria some time this week. Insanity. I'll be assisting with proctoring over the next few days, doing my class observations in the afternoon, and then subbing again. A jammed pack we but we realized that there are less than 30 school days left! Holy cow.

I'll probably post the videos tomorrow but in the meantime, I hope you can enjoy this random and sweet video that the SO found on his homepage. Listen carefully and see if you can figure out what these parrots are chatting about:

Ugh, the cute-factor.

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