Sunday, April 15

Four Years

It's probably a good thing that it doesn't quite feel as if the SO and I have been dating for four years.

Even if reminiscing about events that happened early on in our relationship seem like ages ago. Time is such a weird phenomena we've created, lol. It's no wonder our pets struggle to figure it out.

Been wrapped up with schoolwork today but I do have those photos from yesterday to share!
This fun place works with a great pizza place and an old west theater that puts on amazingly hilarious plays during dinner shows!
Isn't it absolutely darling?
This is also one of the first places that the SO took me during a visit before I moved here. I love the chairs because not only are they bright red, but the shimmery too.
His chilli burger and fries with ranch.
It smelled so good but I had my own cheeseburger to deal with and FMIL got a Mushroom Swiss burger that she has been craving.
I can't remember that last time I had one and it was delicious. I cannot count how many cherries I ate because the SO kept getting soda topped off with handfuls of them.

Needless to say, the leftovers for lunch today were almost just as good. There was a DJ playing tunes from the fifties and giving out free ice cream for trivia answers. The tables are covered in paper and each table gets a small cup of a few crayons. I can never resist drawing and coloring in those situations. I even saved the paper we both doodled on from the first time he took me here. We got a ridiculous amount of food that time (add on milkshakes and pizza- we made our own buffet), lol. Never been a good bird-eater and during our first meeting, we chowed down and stuffed our faces at Arby's. Delicious foods at treats are one of our beloved traditions that we love to share. I hope to share a vlog soon about what else the SO did for our anniversary. We'll see how quickly I can get the footage ready!

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