Thursday, April 5

Pastel Preparation

Today really felt like a Saturday and that sent me into a bit of panic earlier.

It was another pretty warm day out, so much so that my foot was sunburnt in the time it took for me to give my garden area a good soaking. One of the posts this long weekend will be about updates- just a heads up. I did sneak in a holiday-themed craft in between decorating and cleaning today. We're not kicking into hyperdrive yet because we don't have formal plans to celebrate until Sunday.

Two years ago, FMIL and I went crazy with decorating egg-shaped cookies after being inspired by an article in Martha Stewart's Living magazine. Last year, she and I spruced up some older decorations while customizing new ones. Those are up as of this afternoon. Overall, I think we're going to take it down another notch in terms of being quite low-key this year.

More complications have come up today with our friends and we continue to keep them in our thoughts. We hope to visit them each this weekend to provide some in-person support. One of these people is our "adopted" sister of sorts.

She a great lady who took in our kitty's mom and sister a few years back. While their mom has since passed away, she still has our kitty's sister and another kitty while rescuing and fixing strays in her neighborhood. Well, kitty's sister got into a fight with a feral cat while adventuring outdoors. She was bit in her back foot at a spot that contained many blood vessels so she was brought in for treatment. Armed with antibiotics, a bandaged leg, and a cone, the kitty has not taken sedative withdrawals well. Her pet parent has planned to go out of town this weekend too but plans were canceled because they had a rough night. We were on call to help most of last night and this morning, but that storm seems to have calmed down.

I have a few cute things planned for the next couple of days, so I'll see you then. ^_^

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