Wednesday, April 11

Terribly Cute

Okay, this may seem like a cop-out post at first but trust me, okay?

The next few days is going to be a bit crazy for me and I just realized that earlier today when I sat and took at a look at my planner instead of the dozen separate lists that I've been making.

Now that the holiday/ spring break is over, I have to catch up on two weeks worth of homework now that my new (friggin'-frackin') textbook has finally arrived with a $31 temporary access code to view videos that are necessary for my assignments. Did I mention that these courses have the typical 16 week semester's worth of information crammed into a mere 6 weeks and online? Cannot tell you how grateful I am to be able to do just one at a time instead of three with the school's remodeled model.

My mentor has had major medical family issues last week to so I didn't want to bombard her with my issues because in the end it's just a class and some money and eventually I could repeat the course if it came down to it. You only get so much time with and so many loved ones in your life.

I go into work in the morning and catch up on observations. Then, there's our monthly ladies' happy hour on Friday night and my anniversary with the SO (significant other) this Saturday. Four years of dating! It doesn't seem like its been that long. :P No, we're not planning on getting married anytime soon. Well, maybe if one of us wins the lottery or something, lol.

Then, the retiring lists of Stampin' Up! stamps will be coming out this Saturday, so I have to start planning around that while getting ready for my nearly month-long trip to visit my family in Florida next month. I really do need to start planning what I'm bringing early so I can chip away at the excess as time goes on while barely forgetting anything (you know there's always one thing that you find out that you forgot/ ended up needing). I want to bring some supplies to hold a craft class or two while I'm there but they tend to be really heavy so I'd have to develop and prepare the projects ahead of time.

I also have to figure out new storage solutions in my room and the corner of the garage that is holding my stuff from when I had an apartment because it has gotten a little crazy these past few months. Mostly empty boxes and things that I have to sort through and purge. I should probably tackle purging my wardrobe before I leave too. Despite my continuous arguments, my mom always sends me new clothes and stuffs my luggage full of more clothes. When I lived with my folks, we used to go through all of the closets together at the same time to donate clothes at least once a year. Now that it's just me, I haven't been able to do that because I don't buy new clothes for myself so I mentally insist that I need to keep everything- just in case I get my own closet anytime soon. I have very little space in my bedroom to keep clothes so I only keep two weeks worth available. On the other hand, I know that as many second hand stores as they have in this city, they can be picky about the type of clothes they receive within a season. I just never know what's good when so that adds to my procrastination. Yeah, I really need to get on that because it would open up an area that I could fit a different large box in. I'm not the type of gal to have the most fashionable of wardrobes anyways so that's been a blessing with being transient the past few years of my life. I know many girls who's summer wardrobe for that year is twice as big as my whole (non-walk-in) closet for the past three years. That is great too to have so many choices to choose from but it's not for me. 

Can you tell that my imminent and growing to-do list is making me a bit frazzled? I didn't mean to rant so much. Here's the reward for stickin' it out!

So cute. So funny.
I hope it brings a smile to your face too! <3

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