Sunday, June 10

Add 10CC's

Well, today has not been a terribly productive day.

While we worry about wildfires in New Mexico and Colorado along with the torrential downpour in the Florida panhandle and as we roll our eyes at the smear campaign ads on the telly (it should be done on Tuesday!), we've watched quite a bit of Jacques and Julia to lighten the mood.

I've also tackled beating Mario Party 9 on Solo mode so that's been... animated, lol. I become needlessly passionate while playing even the simplest of video games.

It's been pretty hot lately and while we usually have evap cooler wars, a stalemate has been reached for the past two days and it has stayed on most of the time. The garden looks pretty rundown from the heat and there's only so much we can do. :(

I thought I might get some work done once night time hit and the entire house cooled down (being hot and sweaty while jumping around working on stuff makes me grumpy), I caught an new video in my subscription box on YouTube and all of that motivation went down the drain.

It's this channel called RRcherrypie and they make miniature foods from Japanese toy kits with powders by adding water. Some of the stuff is edible while others are not but for some reason, it's all fascinating- right down to the tools! I love miniatures for whatever reason and here are some really cool videos:

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