Wednesday, June 6


Finally getting back to working again on the numerous projects I always have set for myself.

Played a little bit of Diablo3, but got to a good stopping point in the story pretty early on. It even surprised the SO how little I played today, lol. *SPOILER(?)* Diablo is almost the Prime Evil! Dun dun dun.

I supervised FMIL as she made a birthday card and that got me primed and ready to make a couple of cards soon. Maybe this weekend will be a date with my stamping- card supplies. It's been a little while.

I'm also trudging away to catch up with my gardening summaries for the past two months. While I pour over the pages of my blog, I've had a particular YouTube self-professed beauty guru on the side or in the background, Amarixe or Allison. I have loved her videos recently and was going back to watch older posts from her. She's smart, pretty, and I appreciate her sense of humor.

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