Saturday, June 2

Epic Plant Post II

It's that time of year again!

While I'm finding more and more flaws with my integrated video and graphics cards (*SIGH*), I was able to go old school and assemble these before and after photos of the garden. There were some plants that I didn't realize how much they had grown during my trip to Florida until I saw the pictures next to each other. So, I thought it'd be easier for you too.

This doesn't have the same impact as it used to since we built the fence, lol. We may have eliminated the mammals from messing with my garden, but the birds are now having a blast tearing through the foliage. 

That is on top of the fact that the temps have been dancing above 100 degrees most of the time I was gone. Awesome. In retrospect, I probably should have taken the comparative photos during the same time of day. Sorry for the odd colors. >_<
Not much has changed here. Any other sprouts that popped up around were promptly devoured by the birds.
I did not take before photos of the 2nd and 3rd plants, but they haven't done much besides grow a few inches taller. The peppers did not grow much bigger than in the photo above but instead became red! 

A few days before the 8-10 fruits fully ripened, birds came and tore every single one off. It's a good thing that the SO was able to take and text me a picture of what it looked like the day before they struck.
Yep! It doubled in size. While this Big Boy Tomato plant has not grown many more leaves, it has started to flower! I cannot understand its logic, lol. How on earth is it going to support fruits that are supposed to get up to one pound when it looks like a sad twig? 

I think the heat is making all of the plants freak out. We're debating pinching off its flowers to encourage more leaf growth.

It's really cute to see something familiar doing well in the garden. This was one plant that I did not process how much it had grown until I saw these pictures.
 Those are three little cherry tomato plants in the front. I have plucked them since this picture was taken. While this Big Boy hasn't made as much progress as the first (which was planted from the same packet at the same time, by the way), it has done very well for itself!
A little taller, a few more flowers, and a little sadder.
I had trimmed some to give to a friend before I left but it has exploded with flowers! I have since trimmed off the flowers in hopes of keeping the leaves around a bit longer.
There's no after picture for a reason. Right now, there's a tiny bit of green from the middle bit. I'm not sure if it will come back.
The SO did not realize how much these herbs had grown until he saw these pictures. That's Basil on the upper left and the others are bunches of Parsley and Cilantro. I can never tell which until they get a bit bigger.
Pretty sad, I know. Maybe we'll get some new Parsley going again soon. It really did try for as long as it could.
Bigger leaves and bushier. It's a hot mess underneath. Again, I can make out some flower buds but nothing in the way of pods. The SO has been rotating the pot every few days and they seem to really appreciate the shade.
It's quite a bit taller now and the birds have loved yanking off the tiny ripened fruits. There are about three buds/blossoms that are hiding underneath the leaves and I hope they stay that way.
I think there's much more growth than I realized the more I look at these pictures. It hasn't become much taller but bushier/ thicker.
Darn quails grabbed these within hours of me leaving. I haven't had the heart to replant more yet. If I do, it will probably be indoors just so I can make sure that it makes it past the sprout phase.
 The intersection that you see the first pepper at is actually not where the "Y" was in the Before photo. It's a little lower down and it seems that something was super ambitious and tore off the entire six inch branch. Not too long after I took these pictures, something grabbed up all of the peppers. It's becoming really frustrating and we don't necessarily have the funds to build a greenhouse.
 Kudos to this plant for surviving being eaten time and time again! I'm so proud of this little one.
There is no after photo, just like there are no more Poblano plants in my garden. This is the result of quails and is broken just under the leaf. I can't seem to find more seeds in any of the stores either! 
 I made sure to move this out of the garden area so that the SO didn't water it. There was just too much plant and too little uses in our household. I also had disposed of the stub of Cilantro that was left before leaving.
It's too bad that no one here thought to eat any of this while I was gone. It was ready to go! Now it's really odd-looking and trying to flower.
There's slightly less leaf growth now that they are putting their energies toward flowering and producing fruit. Well, at least that's what Gryffindor and Slytherin are doing and the former has succeeded.
Very yellow fruits! Fifty points to Gryffindor!

Phew! I feel that planting these during their recommended starting dates had discouraged me more than ever. The odd weather we've had this year that fluctuated between the extremes and then decided on being too hot too early seems to really have thrown my plants off. I feel that they should be hardier by now.

The poor things are getting burnt and attacked by various birds who have discovered my garden this year. I really do no appreciate their enthusiasm and feel pretty helpless against the onslaught. I really do not understand all of the flowering that is going on now either but that's probably also due to the heat. They feel like they are going to die and must go to seed before that happens.

Hopefully, I can keep on top of ripening fruits now that I'm back. Wish me luck!

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