Friday, June 1


It's high time that I started to unpack my suitcase but I knew that meant that it was also time to go through my wardrobe to bring out the warm weather clothes while figuring out what to donate. It's been a long time coming since there's such limited space for storage or use. Definitely loads of laundry will have to be done too.

Oh man, so many clothes. I have stuff from five years back and a handful of pounds and inches ago. In the past, we've donated a bunch to younger relatives every other year. I guess moving around the past couple of years and living out of boxes, suitcases, and shallow temporary drawers made me forget how much I was accumulating. Oye, there's is about 18 inches of clothes all over the bed right now.

Had to yank out everything and organize it by type because that's just how I redo my organization systems. It's looks like insanity during the process, I've talked about this before, lol. My next big challenge with this is wanted to really purge and somehow that means that I should try on every single piece of clothing I have. Oh boy. Trying on clothes is such an awkward, frustrating, and discouraging process for me.

Refolding and organizing into new piles for donating and storage of cold weather clothes does give me some time to think about all of the work I thought was going to get done while I was away. Yeah, none of that happened. So, I have a load of photo editing and fandangling to do in the next couple of weeks.

I guess that could be the silver lining to the fact that my laptop's built in video card cannot support the latest gaming obsession: Diablo 3. It's the third installment in the Blizzard franchise that had been awaited for more than ten years. I played it more than six years ago before being introduced to the World of Warcraft. I get to hear (and sometimes see) all about the installation and patch loading issues along with the weak servers. The SO has been nice enough to break his obsession to let me try out the game and it really is fun. It's interesting what habits you can retain after so long- almost like never forgetting how to ride a bicycle.

Alright, need to stop procrastinating and get back to work!

UPDATE: I haven't added onto a post in quite some time, but this definitely deserved it! Take a look at this incredible fanart:


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