Tuesday, June 19

Almost Mathematical

It started off as a fun idea. Then, it quickly became a mission and a matter of pride.

At one point, I was functioning at some high level of frustration and panic. I don't know, I'm such a neurotic creature.

After hours of hunting down a pretty pattern that I could actually pull off, I finally found this: Moebius Cowl pattern. I really need to make a donation to this cause if only just because I have enjoyed it so much.

It's loosely based on the concept of the Möbius strip. It's like an infinity symbol and has only one edge and one surface. Similar to the infinity scarf but with a twist, literally.


This is the one that I completed yesterday and gave to FMIL today. It's fun to wear a few different ways, such as a draped scarf , doubled around as a neck warmer, and as a quick cowl.

I had modified the pattern a little bit, mostly because I was so worn out from searching for a pattern that worked for me but was more than just a solid strip. It has just enough texture to it that it still looks really pretty while it's bunched up. 

This was made in the new yarn, Pagoda, that I showed you in my little haul from the other day. I'm currently working on another one in Watermelon and following the pattern more strictly. It's such a fun accessory that is still okay in the summer (in my opinion) because of the fun and bright hues.

It uses up nearly an entire skein of yarn. I'm also making it almost twice as long as the pattern calls for because I don't want it up against my neck. Most of the people we know are either in the desert or the swamp anyways, so it's more for fun.

Still trying to bury my feelings. Sigh.

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