Tuesday, June 26


Loosely related title, ftw!

Helping FMIL get ready for her trip tomorrow. She always feels the need to prep the house as if no one is going to be here, even though there always will be, lol.

I guess I'm more anxious about it than I realize just because I'm a nervous person like that. Therefore, I have cleaned all sorts of things that I normally don't. It's... been interesting and colorful to say the least.

Other than that, I'm getting down and dirty with scrapbooking the summer vacation from last year for my folks. I haven't let a project like this sit that long before, thank goodness I have plenty of notes I've prepared to help me remember the details in the meantime.

Was waiting for more pictures to arrive from parts of the summer that I wasn't there for but they wanted to include in the book, but it doesn't seem like I will be so... saving pictures from my cousins' FB profiles it is!

It's funny what teens take pictures of when they're trying to be cool and artistic. Not the best in terms of subject matter one would want to archive. Been there, done that, have the ratty-old-well-loved t-shirt. Now, I make sure I do both! XP

It's almost representative of the things that many teens take for granted, the everyday details and the people that they see and text with so often. In time, they'll be super grateful of the good group shots they took and realize why family portraits even on vacations are useful memorabilia.

I think even my brother and my cousin started to realize this while I was starting to review the details of the trip with them and try to pick out pictures to use. Some of the stuff they took was cool and all, but in terms of helping anyone else remember what was actually going on at the time... not so much.

Well, back to some sort of work!

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