Wednesday, June 27

Whoa, There!

FMIL is off and on her way, so we're up and about earlier than normal. Still plenty of cleaning and other various chores to do but I am not a morning person by any means. Luckily, the auto-pilot setting in my brain is often better than the regular one.

While tying up some loose ends after getting home, I spotted a big lizard on the window screen. The SO poked at it a little bit through the screen and it did not give a flying fig. I went out back to take a picture and it looks pretty cool! Not sure what it is just yet, but that's the next project, lol.

... And I got it! XD About 15 minutes later and I've identified it as a Southwestern Fence Lizard, a type of spiny lizard, it seems. A male too. :P

It's always kind of fun trying to identify critters in our own backyard. Forever learning things living out here in the desert.

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