Saturday, June 16

Summer Colors

Yarn was on sale today and getting it was... interesting and long. Tons of other stuff was on sale today too but FMIL and I were very good! Well, mostly.

The big craft stores are having major sales now in preparation for all of the winter holiday goodies that come pouring in from designing  developers in August. Oh yes, I have learned this trend/ plan. That's fine with me because I love stocking up on bright jewel-toned summer colors because they are my favorite hues!

Fast-forward, I finally got to pick up a few shades that I've been eye-balling for at least two months now! Well, they're new to me, lol. I cannot wait to make some cute critters with these fun shades. One skein goes a long way when you're just planning on amigurumi dolls.

 Delicious colors!
Berry Blue, Pagoda, Persimmon, and Watermelon.

I took a break from my crazy-squares-for-the-baby-afghan making and tried to make slipper socks that looked like Mary Janes. I haven't sewn on the buttons, each one looks completely different from the other, but I like how my first pair turned out! 

 Side view.
 Top view.
Front view.
Testing (stretching) them out.

Not bad for an experiment, aye? Here's the free crochet pattern for the Mary-Jane slippers. I hope to figure out how to modify the pattern to make them a little bigger. I could probably use chunkier yarn too. So cute!

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