Saturday, June 9

Earring Storage Solution

The kitty cat and I have been in quite a restless mood today. We both keep getting up and wandering around the house aimlessly. Almost as if we're seeking something.

Anyways, I did it again! XD

I found a super easy and cheap storage solution for my earrings today. I wanted something flat that I could hang on a wall because of what little space I have in the room I'm staying in. How can I beat $0.60 and a removable hook that I already had?!

It's a clear sheet of plastic canvas that is typically used for cross stitching at our local craft store. It's 10.5 x 13.5 inches and I can cram as many earrings as I'll ever own on it! The hook is removable once I pull on the sticky tab it's attached to.

I am so excited to have this hanging in my closet. While it doesn't win any beauty contests, I'm grateful have these pieces readily available for such little effort.

I'm still debating how I want to organize it. I have posts and studs near the top and more commonly used pieces near the edges, but I'm super tempted to organize by color since that always makes me happy. Makes me want to keep collecting more.

All but one pair of these earrings are costume pieces, many of them were ordered from Etsy, and the majority of them are also from my mom's collection. She has a bunch and always tells me to take whatever I want whenever I visit.

I even get to display pairs that I don't really wear for whatever reason but were gifts from friends that mean a lot to me and the ones that I love but are missing their match.

Did a little more card-making today, but barely.  I also wanted to share the resources that we've been using in out card-making though. We've used Stampin' Queen's Sketch Challenge blog for simple layouts, the weekly ColourQ challenges for color inspiration, and Pals Paper Arts for both. I love how they used home decor and fashion for inspiration for color combinations. Plus, people who participate in these challenges often post their projects and that leads to finding more creative blogs to follow and even more inspiration. A vicious cycle indeed, lol.

Re-organized the batch by color and it makes me even happier now.

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