Friday, June 8

Stamp of Approval

Well, I did it!

FMIL and I strapped ourselves in for some card-making and stamping this afternoon after running around the house (for way too long) grabbing the majority of our stamping and papercrafting supplies. We buried the dining table and the surrounding area.

We looked up blogs with various color and layout challenges for inspiration and set off experimenting with new stamp sets we had yet had time to get into. In the end, I made a set of 16 birthday cards using new "In Colors" from Stampin' Up! that just became available on June 1st and FMIL made two sets of three cards. She tried all sorts of new things and I was very proud. The workspace is pretty um... well-utilized right now and we're planning on picking it up again tomorrow.

 Even our messes are pretty!
The new hues are growing on me.

We also set the wolf spider "free" today. It had plenty of time and ways to get out of the bucket, so we theorized that it was quite cool and a good spot to grab bugs attracted by the moisture. Who knows, but just in case we were wrong and it was a bit trapped, we tipped over the bucket by the fence. It did not want to leave the security of those four white walls without tons of cautious coaxing. Wow, do they camouflage well into the desert landscape.

Can you spot the wolf spider?
 There it is!

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