Thursday, June 14

Quizzical Love

I've seen it mentioned in a few articles and YouTube vlogs from a few people that I follow: The 5 Love Languages. Finally remembered to do the assessments and read some of the descriptions. That and I like taking personality-related quizzes.

I took the assessments for singles, for wives, and for apologies. There are five categories for each. It gives a bit of insight into what type of actions from others means the most to you. This goes along with the idea of if you know which languages expresses love to you the most, then you can use that information to better your relationships with loved ones by being more mindful.

In the initial assessment (for singles) it emphasized not just romantic relationships, but friendships and family-relations as well. It's okay to get high scores in two categories, but one tends to win out by just a little and be your primary love language. I had this happen the most with these results. It reasoned that I value "quality time" the most.

Having someone's undivided attention shows how much they really care for me. This makes a lot of sense with how many distractions we have in our modern lives. We all know that I'm easily distracted and often multitasking, so to get my absolute undivided attention and focus should mean a lot. I'll ignore my phone, not doodle notes, and be wholeheartedly engaged with people that I love when they need it the most so it makes a lot of sense that I would highly value that in return.

The next quiz that I took was in reference to my apology language. This one was pretty interesting in that it proposed various scenarios in which you were wronged and various type of things someone could say to you in their apology. It reaffirmed how resentful and disbelieving of a person I am once I've been wronged. I don't forget and I eventually forgive- to an extent. However, I accept many flaws in people and love/ believe in them anyways. Maybe that's what balances things out so I'm not a complete bitter old hag? Lol.

The highest scoring language I got here was the "expressing regret". It reasoned that just getting am meaningful "I'm sorry" as soon as possible would do the most for me because it meant that they immediately realized and addressed the emotional hurt they caused me. This category scored twice as much as the next highest type and the rest was much smaller. You can read more about the different types on the site.

The final assessment I took was the love languages for wives. Although we're not married, I feel that after being in a committed relationship for more than four years should have been addressed. It used the same categories of languages as the one for singles but the questions refers to very couple-oriented situations and referred to things that one's husband would do.

My results for this assessment were pretty interesting. Many high scores and many ties, but they chose one to be my primary language anyways. The one that they picked as my primary was "words of affirmation" which is just being told "I love you" randomly means the world to me. It's one of those instances when I don't want to fall into a habit where that's taken for granted. So, just saying those words every now and then bring me great comfort.

I'm not sure if my scores were skewed because of my relationship. I had a feeling, after reading my results but even as I read more and more of the questions, that I really appreciated certain gestures from the SO because we know each other so well. Meaning, there are tons of things that he does that I really appreciate because I know he only does them because of how much he loves me.

That leads me into wanting him to take the quiz too. Wish me luck with that! Lol. There are about 20-30 questions per quiz.

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