Sunday, June 3


I have to be honest.

I spent most of the day playing as much Diablo 3 as I possibly could on the SO's account and computer.

That means I didn't get that much done. Well, nothing tangible, lol. We had a friend over for tacos for dinner and eventually I felt I should do something vaguely productive. I decided on tackling reorganizing my two beauty drawers. I don't know what else to call them.

They hold my hair products, jewelry, makeup, nail polish and tools, and typical stuff you'd find in a medicine cabinet. These two little drawers wear many hats. That was probably a poor and confusing image. The insides are 9 inches wide, 9.75 inches long, and 6 inches deep. It's a good thing that I don't have too much. Yet. :P

I wanted to briefly share my earring collection. Most of them are costume pieces that my mom didn't want anymore, a couple are quirky handmade pieces, and others are gifts. Searching for a better way to store them besides on this chunk of old t-shirt wrapped up in a makeup bag. They tend to fall out everywhere when held at the proper angle. Hence also being in the bag so I minimize losing any. Better pictures will come when I figure out a better solution.

 I'd love to organize them by color and have them up on the wall.
 My winter-themed earrings from Etsy. I had the food ones custom-made.
 Also customized from Etsy, my Xbox 360 controllers. Nerdy love for sure.
The ones in the bottom left and upper right corner are because of my obsession with Dichroic glass. I believe they are handmade from Tucson. I'm terrible at remembering things like that.
 Those cool koi earrings are from my best friend while she was in New York. The teal and copper Southwestern-style were from my first rodeo here in town.
These origami cranes are from my first time to the local Fourth Avenue Street Fair with the SO.
Sadly, these are the ones without a friend. I love wearing silver hoops but always lose one. The diamond-looking one's other half is in my mom's collection, for some odd reason. I had the guitar pick one customized from Etsy, the other half had a puppy and I am so upset that it's lost.

In terms of storage, I really don't want to do anything with a picture frame or lace. It needs to be super simple, flat, and transferable for when I move out. After flipping through so many images, tutorials, and ideas, my brain is about to melt. Guess I just need to go to a store or two and look around to get creative/ be lazy. :P

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