Sunday, June 24


Well, sorta.

I love the quote: "Video games don't make us violent- Lag does."

We haven't had too much of that here lately after our provider sent us around in circles before realizing there was an unexpected outage in our area. Our service has been pretty poor for the past several weeks. We even went as far as to pick up a new modem on their recommendation, then realized that it wasn't the issue, and we returned the hardware. Of course.

Not much else to report because I've just cleaned around the house today and then played some video games because the heat and increasing humidity make it so one does not want to do much moving. I was watering and tending to the sad garden in the late afternoon in the shade and was still breaking a sweat. Sigh.

I have recently happened upon a song that's about a year old and I'm in love with! I found a cover through YouTubers that I also only recently discovered: Jayesslee.

Great right? Here's the original song by Simple Plan feat. Natasha Bedingfield.

They also covered it with fellow French-Canadian artist, Marie-Mai.

Then, they also covered in with Chinese artist, Kelly Cha.

While writing this post, I discovered that they also collaborated with KOTAK, an Indonesian band.

Wow, do they get around. XD It's really interesting to see the differences between the attitudes and videos. Possibly giving a hint as to what different pop audiences around the world care about more. I love the song, it touches upon a nerve for me, and I'm ever grateful to be where I'm at today.

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