Thursday, June 28

Meet The Folks

Wanted to report that the Skype date with the relatives went well. At least, I hope so. Ugh, that's the insecurity talking. There's no obvious reason to suspect it was anything but otherwise.

From past trips, FMIL has told her family stories about us/ me and they seem to be okay with me. At least, enough to seek me out on Facebook and become friends with me.

The SO made the point that they at least greatly appreciated the fact that they often received updates about how everyone was doing down here through me because I'm by far the most active with social media. I guess that's an okay start... and they did make a remark about that during the call.

We didn't get to see any of the grandkids and about... half of the adults who were hanging out in the pool with said children, but we got to chat with grandma! I would hope so, since the point of the call was to be able to see as many of us as possible on her birthday.

You guys, she is adorable. And a firecracker, lol.

I loved how we were able to chat with her for a bit and then while we were chatting with others, you could see her walking around back and forth in the background. It was pretty comical in an unintentional and sweet way.

Looks like I'm still nervous thinking about the whole matter, but at least it shows that I still care about how his family views me. In my defense, I think I have done a very good job at keeping my crazy nervous energy contained this time around. I didn't freak out prior, I only cleaned up some (after helping clean all this past week), and I didn't break down crying after. Those are huge accomplishments for me!

Sigh. Tomorrow, I'll probably do what the SO predicted: Ask FMIL about what they thought of the call and me. Just for reassurance. >_<

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