Wednesday, June 20

The Girls

It's still pretty hot out there and the heat doesn't help much with motivation. FMIL and I did go visit "the girls."

I have kitty-nieces. Lol. I've mentioned them before and we've been helping cat-sit by giving our kitty's sister her weekly fluids injection. Yeah, I'm not the favorite aunt by any means. Though, they are incredibly affectionate girls as they've gotten older. And the little girl (she's six years old too because she's our baby boy's litter mate) is insanely patient and understanding of the torture we put her through. Takes it like a champ. Here's a sneak peek at the girls. Yes, I take pictures of other people's cats too. :P

My kitty-niece. She looks so much like our kitty sometimes and yet so different!
 Her sister, so my... step-niece kitty? Lol. We brushed the bejeezus out of her today.
The girls are not photogenic, but I could not stop them from trying to nuzzle and cuddle with me. XD

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