Friday, June 22

The Stuff Of Nightmares

There I go again, giving myself nightmares.

The SO spotted a huge bug outside tonight and called me out back to bring the flashlight so we could get a better look at it.

Then, we were stuck outside for five minutes because it was unhappy with life and we didn't want to let it inside the house.

Fun times were had by all, lol.

It was at least two inches in length and was flying into the wall and light, while landing to clean its antennae. Just seemed terribly perturbed with everything. It'd dive in our direction and we'd dive away. The SO managed to get inside and grab my camera because I really wanted a picture to show you guys! XD It was hard to get good pictures, let alone back in without getting in its way but it was kind of too cool to squish.

I used the pictures to try to identify what type of bug it was ( is fantastic, btw) and I'm a bit stumped because I found three that were very similar. Here are the pictures.

The potential identifications are Great Black Wasp (or here), a Blue Mud Wasp, but most likely a Steel-Blue Cricket Hunter. Other pictures I saw that were in our region identified the bug as the last type, but the size doesn't seem quite right at all.

One of the biggest differences between the possibilities are what it eats (crickets or flowers) but yeah, I'm not about to install a GPS and stalk this thing. We're a little confused about the size ranges listed on the sites because ours definitely was bigger than one inch.

Well, I mistakenly thought it was some sort of beetle because I thought I had seen a shell on it before looking closely at the pictures. So, I started searching for beetles as they uploaded and have seen way too many close-ups of interesting creepy-crawlies to not get the heebie-jeebies. Just thought I'd share a little bit of my corner of terror with you. XD

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