Friday, June 29

It's Greenery!

Kitty has been jonesing for new grass to munch on for the past few days because he is spoiled and knows how to push every button we have.

Unfortunately, he still doesn't believe me when I say that I cannot make grass grow any faster, no matter how cute he is, and how much I love him.

Just before the Skype date with the SO's relatives yesterday, I poured diluted coffee water into the strawberries and the pet grass I've been working on. It's supposed to deter little flying bugs like gnats from settling into the moist soil. Well, while checking on everything outside later on in the evening, we discovered that little black ants have swarmed the grass pot. UGH!

I did what I could to get rid of them then but left it sitting in a tray of water overnight in a different spot outside. Today, it looked clear enough for me to bring in for him. He's been very pouty since he caught me with it last night and then I left it outside. Total torture.

While I did a quick update on the plants that we've tried to save from critters by bringing them inside to recover, I also caught kitty being his adorable and ecstatic self. It's right after he discovered this new batch. Even though he also saw me prep the next batch last night too. Tough love, right? Lol. Cats really do have staff. Having a cat is a humbling experience for sure.


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