Monday, June 25


Pretty sure that I've mentioned how bad I am at sitting down and staying still when I finally try to do some work. This is the case today while tackling a family scrapbook.

FMIL is packing for her trip and cleaning out her closet. Then, we both were distracted by searching through a bunch of free patterns for knitting and crocheting that we've collect during our trips to the big box craft stores. Okay, at least we were looking for knitted afghan patterns for her to bring along.

However, that lead to be researching better ways to organize loose patterns (which we are always calling recipes, XD). Now, I want to do that and organize the craft room again. Well, it's really a spare bedroom that I started compiling FMIL's growing collection of crafting supplies in a central location. That collection is probably about 95% my fault because I'm a super good shopping enabler. Trufax.

I was hoping to compile a video using clips I took of my various plants and then doing a voice-over. Well, that's not going to happen anytime soon because my video converter and movie-making programs are a pain. Man, an iMac or similar Apple product would make managing the media in my life so much easier. Sigh. Maybe one day.

Moral of that short story is: Back to one-take vlogs it is. :D

For some other reason,  I'm also playing demos of Plants vs. Zombies a lot lately too. I don't know what's going on with my life right now. Or this post. It's been... as befuddling as my state of mind has been. Let's just blame the summer heat. Mmk? :P

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