Monday, June 4

Summer Shine

Well, I tried to look at Target for a earring holder solution, but to no avail. At least for the space that I'm in right now. I may have to take matters into my own hands soon, lol.

To go along with the organizing of my beauty supplies, I wanted to share my current nail polish selection for the summer months. It was pretty hard to truly capture the colors, so the top two photos are with different lighting.
OPI and essie are my favorite lines.
 It's a bit of an eclectic mix so I can have different looks whenever the mood strikes.
For French manicures: essie's blanc and OPI's Coney Island Cotton Candy.
For Shimmers: OPI's Go On Green! and unknown. :(
This picture and the one on their website do the former no justice. It's that pale blue but has a metallic green shimmer to it. I like to call it my mermaid color. The latter is a fairly nude color with a magenta shimmer that only shows up at certain angles or under certain lighting, like my mermaid color.
For Glittery: essie's Smooth Sailing and Carnival.
A periwinkle with a purple tint and fine silver and holographic glitters. A clear polish with tons of silver glitter and plenty of holographic glitter. I tend to have a bunch of blues to go with the jeans I wear nearly everyday. Colorful and youthful.
For Color: OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape, Fly, It's a Bird-It's a Plane-It's OPI, and essie's Short Shorts.
The pastel green makes me think of spring, the deep teal and orange were the ones from my Perry the Platypus look but I think they are bold and bright enough for summer, and the neon watermelon color just screams the season.
After playing with these a bit and choosing what I was going to have easily accessible, I really want to paint my nails. It's a bit odd since I'm loving what I have on at the moment. A beautiful french pedicure (it's been way too long) and what I believe is from OPI's current Holland collection called Thanks a WINDmillion on my nails. It's a gorgeous color that I want to call sage but others are calling it a medium sea green. I also have a tiny white flower on each of my ring fingers with a rich dark emerald color in the center. There's such a tranquil but modern vibe I felt when I saw this color in Florida.

I'm done girly-gushing for now!

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