Saturday, June 23

The Family

In a few days, FMIL will be out of town for her mother's birthday.

She and her sisters were hoping for all of the boys to gather together and have a Skype date with the whole gang over there for the occassion. Which is a fantastic idea.

So, after I came home from helping our friend organize her house again, I went about prepping FMIL's computer for the occassion. That and general technological maintenance. It's all set to go now, so I sat back and thought about what was actually going to happen.

I'm going to virtually meet the extended family. Most of them live in the same area and many of them are getting together to celebrate the matriarch of the family. I really hope to save up and meet them all in person some day, especially since it seems that I have a high chance of becoming related to them somehow. You know, down the road. Lol.

I'm friends with some of them on Facebook, we've sent messages back and forth and shared pictures. We've both heard stories about each other, sent Christmas cards to one another, and etc. Yet, I'm getting a little nervous about this milestone of sorts.

Of course, the SO thinks I'm being pretty silly. Especially because I've already interacted with many of his family members on the aforementioned occasions. He's also the type that really doesn't give a flying fig what others think of him. Idk, I'm still nervous because I still feel that it's an important situation.

If we can pull this off, the video call will be insanity anyways. They will have a house-full of aunts, uncles, cousins, their spouses, and the kids.

I think I'm the most excited/ nervous about chatting with his grandmother. A few years ago, she and some of her grandkids assembled an amazing memoir of her life. I've read through it and have referenced it while hearing stories.

I've also done my research/ homework like I do with anything that piques my interest. Sigh. It's probably not that big of a deal for everyone else but me because I'm such an anxious person. I'm sure it will all be fine. Besides, what's the worst that could happen? Uh, not much. :P

Being a couple can be really awkward and weird sometimes, LOL. Oh well.

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